USA Made Promotional Blimps

by Johnny Mulder

We offer many different sizes of helium advertising blimps.
Helium filled blimps are a cost-effective means to convey your message.
They can be made custom by having the body one or more colors and the fins one or more different colors.

Video takes a few seconds to load.

Larger blimps can also have hanging vertical banners attached to them. Promotional blimps can attract attention from miles away or a booth away.
EASY to use! REUSABLE! Inexpensive and Effective.

We manufacture all our helium balloons and blimps in the USA!

Light kits are available for larger blimps and balloons.

Most Popular Advertising Blimp:14ft. - $665.00
Call 1-800-791-1445
Advertising Blimp 14ft. blimps- $665.00-artwork additional. We manufacture our helium balloons and advertising blimps in the USA. no pvc!
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Instant Promotion!

Advertising Blimp - NC logo. Blimp Advertising Brings Attention!

14ft. Blimp with artwork, lettering or logo from $1031.00

Outside the USA please call 1-602-246-3450 or fax 602-938-9496.

Blimps get YOU noticed!!

11' red blimp without artwork - From $461.00. Our 11ft. blimp flys better than an 18ft. pvc blimp. Save hundreds in helium costs!

11ft. blimp - $461.00

Advertising Blimp - 20ft. helium advertising blimp with PUMA logo

 17ft. blimp with artwork from $1320.00.

11ft. blimp with simple artwork - Grand Opening - 11ft. blimp with artwork from $725.00

Blimp - KB Home logo. Advertising blimps made of polyurethane fly. Blimps made with pvc dive!11' blimp with complex artwork - Rock Maple Racing


14ft blimp w/logo - $1021.00                   11ft. blimp with artwork from $725.00


Advertising Blimp - Free Rent letteringAdvertising Blimp - Million Dollar Auto Dealer Lettering 


Blimps in Beautiful, Bright Colors!

We manufacture balloons, blimps and inflatables in the USA.

All types of businesses and events use balloons and blimps to add to their marketing mix.

You can get blimps in sizes from 11ft. to 30ft. in length and in many standard colors. Our standard colors are white, red, yellow, orange, green and blue. The body part of a blimp can consist of 3 or more panels. You can choose different colors for each panel or use the same color. You can also choose the color of the blimp fins. Need a custom color? We can usually  match colors for the body and any artwork, logo or lettering.

Production time: we can usually make a custom blimp in one to two days once a production spot becomes available. You might allow two weeks from time an order is placed until it is shipped. Times vary greatly but we will give you a definite ship date when you place your order.

Using your blimp: each balloon and blimp comes with a complete instruction sheet. We also have a video on YouTube showing a blimp from box to in the air. 5-10 minute job in most cases. Your balloon or blimp comes with a 120' tether line. Add your helium and you are getting traffic! Most blimps need to have a little extra helium added to them every 4-7 days, depending on the size. Not a complete re-fill, but a "topping off" of 5 - 10% of the volume.

When you are finished with this promotion, pull your blimp down, unplug the fill cap to let the helium out and pack the dry blimp back in the box for the next inflation. The blimp or balloon must be stored dry. Blimps can last for years with proper care, depending on flying conditions.

Helium Blimp Test 

Call Tom @ 1-800-791-1445 for more information!

Blimp Price List

advertising blimps - Breyer's logo - Popsicle logoadvertising blimp - 14ft. - Met Life logo

advertising blimp - Quizno's logo

Blimps - Giant Sky Signs - 30ft. long - 10ft. high

30ft blimp

  • 11 ft. blimp - $461.00
  • 14 ft. blimp - $665.00
  • 17 ft. blimp - $951.00
  • 20 ft. blimp - $1334.00
  • 25 ft. blimp - $2861.00
  • 30 ft. blimp - $3595.00
Giant 30ft. Blimp: Advertising that WORKS!

Please call 1-800-791-1445 for more information!

International Business Directory

Helium Blimp - 20ft. Sentinel logo

20 ft. marketing blimp with lettering

Giant Blimps Work - 25ft. long blimp.

25 ft. helium blimp with logo

Contact Tom at 1-800-791-1445!

Advertising Blimps
Advertising Blimps Increase Sales!

Email for more information. 

Blimps are great, inexpensive signs in the sky!

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